You’ll never walk alone

One of the main benefits of the Gig Economy was to reveal the size of the Freelancing phenomenon. We know now that millions more are opting for the Independent Professional path each year. I will not go into the reasons why this is a trend that will not fade, there are enough studies out there that explain why.

No, my question is, what do you do when you realise you are many?

Apparently, the first human reaction is to scare, considering each one of your peers a competitor, an adversary, an enemy. And this is exactly what most services claiming their seat in that Gig space are exploiting. They herd Independent Professionals in large numbers and then pit them against each other. Each one alone against the others.

While competition is a necessary component of a healthy economy, it cannot be its only mode of interaction. As demonstrated numerous times, collaboration is another necessary component. Businesses and governments are constantly creating economic ecosystems to foster growth, innovation and progress.

How can Independent Professionals participate in economic Growth, Innovation and Progress?

Well, same thing, there is only one way: they need to step out of the pure competitive paradigm and create ecosystems; safe environments that foster collaboration, peer to peer support, personal and professional development.

betoobe is one such environment, created by Independent Professionals for Independent Professionals. Leveraging the principles of collective intelligence to help each Independent Professional reap the benefits of collectively created business value.

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