The Only Network that Works for Freelancers

You hate networking? So do we – when it’s done wrong, which is most of the time.

Freelancers should be able to build and grow a qualitative network effortlessly and in a natural way through meaningful contacts.

And freelancers should expect this network to start bringing results immediately: personal development, professional support and business opportunities, among others.

That is the mission of betoobe.

What are freelance members saying ?

I was uncomfortable pitching to a bigger prospect than usual. I reached out and asked for a few other members to help me with a dry run of my presentation. 4 members gathered online on a Saturday morning and provided me with all the feedback I needed, and more.


Supporting each other


I am considering freelancing after a long career. Here, I am able to explore my motivations and needs in individual and group sessions. I even have access to a Mastermind group if I want ongoing support for my project. I also enjoy ample opportunities to share my expertise.


I volunteered to research the matter and share my findings when many freelance trainers found themselves with limited experience of online training at the start of the Covid crisis. I saved precious time for all and leveraged this opportunity to develop a new service in my portfolio.


Learning from each other

Personal development

I have first-hand experience with burnout as a healthcare practitioner. I recently organised a casual online session on that topic for everyone to share their experience. For most participants, it was the first time they were talking meaningfully about it. And it was an eye opener for most.


I just made a clever remark on how to use LinkedIn during a knowledge sharing session. It’s my job to help optimize professional use of social media, and I’m good at it. Other members noticed it. That’s all I needed to close a number of assignments right after that session.


Doing business together

Better income

I was being interviewed for a role as IT project manager when I realized that the client had a bigger problem related to its Digital Strategy. I felt confident enough to get the client approval on the spot to submit a strategic proposal. I knew I could pull it off with people I had learned to trust.


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