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My favourite quote : "Your second life starts when you understand you only have one."

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23 years, 1 month ago

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27 years, 1 month ago

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Entrepreneur | Business Leader | Digital Transformation Pioneer | Keynote Speaker | Author


More than 20 years in Digital Consulting Leadership, driving business growth, operation & service excellence and customer satisfaction.


Currently having a blast leading the launch of betoobe with a great team of dedicated Independent Professionals.


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Interim Management

General Manager as a service for IT companies or Head of Operations in an IT driven department : consulting, projects, development, transformation.


Program / Project Management

IT or Digital Transformation projects : ERP, CRM, Software Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, etc.


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The story of betoobe started on the 4th February of 2019, in a casual discussion next to the coffee machine. The discussion was about professional development programs in consulting firms. Someone said : “But in many cases, a large part of the consulting workforce will not even have access to them, because they are freelancers”. To which I replied, “Well, we need to do something about it”… and we did.


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60+ Projects in One Chart


Managing 8 companies as General Manager, realising results in all areas of management.


Supervising the delivery of 14 IT projects as a head of operations, accountable for the results.


Managing 5 business projects including start ups and M&A.


Managing 5 organisation and process change projects.


Managing 13 IT projects (infrastructure, software development, ERP, etc.).


Managing 16 digital transformation projects (web, social, CRM, etc.)