First Quarterly Letter to the Members

Dear Friends,

A few days away from the 18 months anniversary of the birth of betoobe, it is time to reflect on the distance covered so far and to consider the major steps that we are about to take together. It is therefore also the perfect timing to establish a new tradition: my quarterly letter to the members.

 A look in the mirror

A lot has happened, from the idea at the coffee machine to close to 100 members. Let me point out a few of the images that will forever remain with me as defining moments in the adventure.

  • The first strategic workshop in the backroom of a restaurant to refine our value proposition with a bunch of professionals discovering the project that day; many of them still with us.
  • The inflexion point when all the calls with potential members stopped ending with “it looks like…” and started ending with “there’s nothing like it, indeed”.
  • The first time when members revealed the actual benefits they were getting from their membership and how it was now a regular part of their professional routine.
  • More recently, the first time when members reached out to me to contribute even more to the progress of our movement by allocating time and effort to future initiatives.

And many more that I’m keeping for the book I will write one day…

What is betoobe today

The vision has not changed: betoobe is an environment made to help Independent Professionals. But the way this vision has been translated into services has considerably evolved.

The list of your needs has not changed either: more support, better development opportunities, more business. Today, this is how betoobe intends to address these needs:

betoobe helps freelancers effortlessly build a qualitative network
that rapidly brings tangible benefits

This has significant consequences for people who expected betoobe to work like Facebook or LinkedIn. I would highly recommend them to rather user their Tinder user experience: nothing will happen until you make real connections in real life!

So, if you have never attended an event, met people in interactive activities, established connections with potential business partners and learned anything from other members, you’ve just missed the whole point. You’ve swiped everyone left.

Those who have made meaningful connections, you know what I mean. You scored.

Should I stay or should I go?

You will ask yourself that question before long. As from 1st October, all members will be expected to pay the monthly subscription, after a maximum of one-month free trial. So, is it worth it?

If you believe that a strong network is a critical factor for professional success, you know it requires some form of investment. If you’ve already wasted time in a “networking” event, you know you’d rather invest money to get meaningful connections. That’s 48€ per month for you.

If you have the intuition that betoobe is something, and is going to be big, you sense that the reward will be equally big for those who contribute to build and run it. You can choose to make betoobe one of your entrepreneurial projects. That’s 96€ per month for you.

The road – just – ahead

Do not wait.
Try betoobe the way it’s supposed to work.
Join events and make meaningful connections.

And … coming soon:
thousands of euros’ worth of member advantages.

Take care of yourself
and of each other



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