Experience never gets old

According to a report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the number of entrepreneurs over 50 exceeds the number of entrepreneurs under 30. You can find the 2018-2019 report here. And this trend of Silver entrepreneurs will accelerate. As reported in the report and in several related articles,

senior entrepreneurs are experienced and provided with a supplied network and experts in their field

Their experience is reassuring the client. These profiles are often perceived as more reliable than young self-employed people. While employers are hesitant to hire them as part of a traditional salaried contract, they readily join the Silver entrepreneur segment in the context of freelance assignments in areas of expertise or transitional management.

How to explain the rise of senior entrepreneurs?

Facts and figures show that the rate of unemployed senior workers has been increasing in the past 25 years, due to the overall economical context and changes. The end of pre-retirement systems, the financial pressure on organisations in term of cost management, the changes in the competition landscape with globalization, all those elements contribute to the increase in the unemployment rate. Companies remain cautious about senior’s hiring, which is often perceived as a cost, hence the use of the freelance alternative. Another reason is a complicated return to work after being fired: 45+ unemployment duration remains longer. Forced to renew themselves, these ex-employees prefer to turn to business creation. Silver entrepreneurs are also looking for more sequenced and multifaceted careers. While trying to build funds for a comfortable retirement life, silver entrepreneurs are able to enjoy a sense of freedom. The 45-year-old is therefore part of the professional cycle, and seniors want to give it more meaning by choosing the format that suits them.

An opportunity to reinvent your career

For seniors, entrepreneurship is a way to regain their place on the job market and to enhance their skills or expertise and transmit them to companies. Moreover, statistics show that they are the most successful. At betoobe, senior entrepreneurs play an important role: they share their expertise with younger independents who can benefit from their knowledge. They can share field expertise, the ups and downs, the pitfalls to avoid and how to turn things into success. Sharing is at the core of betoobe value. betoobe ecosystem can only function if people keep growing, learning and contributing. This is why senior independents are important contributors to the quality of interactions in the ecosystem. And on top of that: they can generate incomes out of it! What else? betoobe: the road to growth, recognition and satisfaction for Independent Professionals

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