betoobe: the new money maker for Independent Professionals?

During the last 5 years of my career as an Independent Professional, I have helped a lot of other people for free:

  • My customers were asking me extra things to do which resulted mostly in free overtime.
  • New potential customers asked me my views and the best approach for their project with the danger that my skills and knowledge were given for free.
  • Other Independent Professional colleagues were asking me to help them on a certain topic

Does this sound familiar to you?

Although, I must admit, that I really liked to have been asked to help and that I mostly liked what I did. But did it give me any benefits in terms of credit? No, I don’t think so. Do people like you more because you are giving things for free?

Moreover, when I helped others for free, I was mostly doing this effort in a minimum time possible, only the essentials… I could have done so much more that would have resulted probably in a lot more value.

I am really convinced that the opposite is true. People do like you more when you give them valuable services as long as your fee is not higher than the perceived value.

Therefor, I am really glad that Betoobe exists today. It’s a professional platform where I can give my services to people who want to pay for it. I can get money now to share my expertise in organising trainings, mindshares, clinics or other mentor services for other Independent Professionals. And the good thing is, I take now more time to prepare my services to tailor them better to the needs of those who are paying for these services. And the feedback is better!

As Independent Professionals, we all have to learn continuously new skills and knowledge. Who is better equipped to teach you than somebody who has done it before, multiple times.

Being an expert in some areas, doesn’t mean that you cannot learn anything new from others. It could give you new insights to become more valuable to your customers.

Delivery high value to customers is a critical element as an Independent Professional in the new GIG economy, because we are constantly compared with others. Betoobe is for me a guarantee that I will stay on top of these comparisons.

betoobe: the road to growth, recognition and satisfaction for Independent Professionals

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