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After a 15-year career in the corporate world, I decided to leave the “System”, tired of fighting (hierarchy) windmills while in constant search for continuous improvement and collaboration;

Tired of being confronted with recurrent management incompetence;

Tired of seeing bright people going home drained, sometimes not able to come back at all, “burned” by the work environment;

Tired of the improper use of corporate policies;

Tired of the dinosaurs casting long shadows with little light in the organization.

It was 5 years ago. And since then, it feels I’ve started living again, albeit in a less comfortable situation compared to an employee with a permanent contract: searching for assignments, searching for the best training to invest my time and money, searching for partners with whom to collaborate, searching who I want to be, looking for how I want to balance my private and professional life, looking for activities and meetings that nourish me both intellectually and financially. A constant search to lead my life with better control, without being told what to do and who I should be. Searching for the exit of the “framework” and corporate formatting.

And it was the search for this balance that led me to betoobe.

What if sharing my rich experience in different roles in various industries could be rewarding?

What if sharing how I lead my assignments as an Independent Professional could generate income?

What if sharing my passions for innovation, collective intelligence, systemic agility could generate income, collaborations, and intellectual enrichment?

And what if, in addition to all this, I could drop the “body-shopping” assignments, freeing myself for exciting client projects involving collaboration on what really energizes me, without having to accept just about anything to “pay the bills”?

This is what betoobe offers: generate income through community contributions and project opportunities on the various subjects I am excited about. But that’s not all the reward betoobe provides me with. I’m inclined to share and am, instinctively, motivated to help others. With betoobe, I can help fellow Independent Professionals benefit from my experience and expertise; support them when they need, at no additional cost to them.  Because that’s also what betoobe is about: sharing with everyone and supporting each other.

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