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Van De Venne




Build your enterprise from your deeper self and create the desired succes YOU want.




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nico@fenikscoaching.com – 0471811425


Let me invite you to take a comfortable position and ask you to breath deeply, three times. Close your eyes and focus on where you are right now.


Think about your biggest dream. What do you wish to create for yourself? What do you want to achieve with your company?


Can you see it? Yes?


Then I will take you on an exciting journey … from solo-independent into co-creation where you as an individual contribute in your unique way to the environment and humanity.

I clarify how you take ownership, responsibility , and have a great impact on your company and your life. With on purpose: transforming your dream into reality.


My name is Nico Van de Venne, accountability- and transformation coach with a heart for spiritual entrepreneurship. And I would love to listen to your dream.

My Services

All service are in Dutch or English

  • Spiritual Entrepreneurship coaching
  • Entrepreneurial coaching and mentorship
  • Personal coaching and mentorship
  • Career coaching and mentorship

Soft skill Training

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Focus
  • Inner peace
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Coaching and leadership


My Portfolio

Under the influence of the limiting perspective of my environment as a young boy, I learned a “craft”. In the eyes of my parents it was important that I work for a boss and earn “a living” keep so I could take care of my family. But that was the only thing I had in those past 15 to 20 years, “a living”.


Later, after many setbacks and triumphs, I learned how you could really have an impact on the world and make my dreams a reality. I engulfed myself in to the depts of spiritual educations, like Qabalah and symbolism within TAROT. And since that time, I live an extraordinary life, full of opportunity and riches. I work with soul driven people and help them discovery and use their full potential, their purpose to be the best version of themselves and transform their dreams into reality.


Do you wish to take ownership of your life? Do you wish to have an extraordinary life and set your own purpose in to the world? Then you are in the right place… My name is Nico Van de Venne, accountability- and transformation coach with a heart for spiritual entrepreneurship. And I would love to listen to your dream.

More Information

I’m a member of several different network groups like BNI, Authentieke ondernemers, some occult groups who work toward the betterment of humanity by creating a better individual part of the whole. Once you start working with my, I open my network to you.

I’m known as a spiritual coach for entrepreneurs. However I don’t talk fluff, I talk business.

My core contributions are Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, and, Paul foster Case.

My examples are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Nicola Tesla, and many more, who sit at my table of advisors.

My life moto is: “If you set your mind too it, you can accomplish anything”

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