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Customer-oriented Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement Manager

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39 years ago

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2 years ago

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I am a Senior Supply Chain Manager with 35+ years of experience in commercial, logistics, procurement, and supply chain roles and in various industries (steel, chemicals & petrochemicals, flat glass, paints & coatings, and cement & aggregates).

After more than 10 years performed in sales and customer service, I took the opportunity to move to Logistics and apply in purchasing logistic services a lot of what I learnt in Sales.

For a couple of years, I focused on projects designing and implementing transport policies and TMS at European level. My management style looks more as mentorship and coaching rather than differentiating levels. International companies I have worked for offered me the opportunity to exercise my languages, too.

Now, I decided to jump into service providing as an interim manager or a consultant and let my customers benefit from my experience wherever it can make the difference ranging from data crunching up to strategy definition along with change management.

My Services

– Supply chain management: materials management coordination, logistic services, procurement, S&OP process

– Logistic project management: from data collection and crunching up to contract management going through set up of comprehensive specifications including SLA’s & KPI’s, tendering process, and negotiations

– Logistic performance measurement: selection and implementation of the appropriate platform and TMS (Transport Management System)

– Outsourcing logistic services: selecting and managing the right 3PL

– Customer service management

– Account management petrochemicals

My Portfolio

– S&OP process: under supervision of the Chief Supply Chain Officer, I set up an Excel application dealing with sales forecasts, updated production and procurement plans to achieve the expected level of raw materials and end products inventories. Purpose is to optimise the working capital. After several successful runs application was meant to move to SAP.

– European transport policy definition including database set up and filling, baseline definition, collection of stakeholders’ requirements, drafting of a comprehensive specification in order to maximise¬† competition, bidding process, bid analysis with a simulation tool for business allocation purposes, contract drafting in close cooperation with Legal, contract negotiation with selected suppliers. Taking the scope of both projects of that type I did into account I had to cope with different cultures and working methods, and demonstrate the opportunity to centralise the procurement process whilst decentralising the execution.

– Implementation of bidding process conclusions including selection and implementation of a TMS, which enables transport planning and collects basic transport execution data in order to as objective as possible measure performance, define and manage action plans.

– Use of the transport project methodology to select appropriate outsourced warehouses

– Enable a successful move of local production and sales to a European organisation optimising the product portfolio of each factory while enlarging the distribution network.

More Information

“Nobody is perfect but a team can be.” is my favourite motto.

I love contributing as a team to achieve objective no one could dream of by working on his own.

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