The betoobe 360 Program

With the ambition of an MBA for Independent Professional, yet fully anchored in the principles of collective intelligence and co-development, the betoobe 360 program is divided in 3 tracks, 20 topics and delivers more than 100 hours of packed business value per year.

Its components are the 360 Clinics, the 360 Essentials Workshops and the 360 Master Classes. Delivered in small sessions through the year in an online format, this program is perfectly adapted to the lifestyle and constraints of an Independent Professional.

The topics range from sales to finance through marketing and entrepreneurship. The fully “a la carte” approach makes it a perfect match for your needs: just in time, just enough.

The program is generally  delivered in English but sessions and workshops can be organized in other languages. Most direct interactions can be conducted in the language of the participants when possible.

The 360 Program is open to all members and their guests

betoobe members receive up to 5,000€ in value each year by attending the 360 Program

The 360 Essentials Workshops

Only three elements contribute to your success as an independent professional: You, Your Pitch and Your Clients.

The betoobe 360 program features 3 essentials workshops only members can join each quarter, dedicated to exploring each of these three elements in detail. The result: you get out of the workshop with practical and actionable tools specifically designed for you.

Here is how you will benefit best from this 360 workshop

  • Take to heart to complete the pre-workshop tasks of the workbook
  • Come prepared to a safe environment where sharing and caring are the key words
  • Enjoy all the support you get to shape your very own approach to success
  • Commit to the follow-up tasks that will extend the power of the workshop
  • Be prepared to be challenged to become a stronger and better iPro

The 360 Program is open to all members and their guests

The 360 Masterclasses

The betoobe 360 Program organises each year a series of Master Classes, with topics picked within 6 tracks, exhaustively covering all the required fields of expertise to be a successful Independent Professional.

In betoobe masterclasses, participants get a chance to interact with and learn from a recognized expert in the field.

Here is what make our masterclasses unique:

  • The expert will help you frame the problem
  • You will receive unique insights on the topic
  • Real life experiences will illustrate the do’s and don’ts
  • You will try new tools and methods under supervision
  • You will get answers to all your questions
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Price Setting & Negotiation
  • Management
  • Change
  • Consulting
  • Contracts
  • High Impact Communication
  • Agile Management
  • New World of Work
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Innovation Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Career Self Management
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Sustainability & Responsibility
  • Data & Privacy
  • Increase your Revenue
  • Increase your Leadership
  • Increase your Impact
  • Increase your Satisfaction

The 360 Program is open to all members and their guests

Some of our Speakers and Facilitators

Exclusive for betoobe members:

Experience collective intelligence in action

The 360 Clinics

The betoobe community is about learning from each other and supporting one another. There is no better setting than the Clinics to experience the power of collective intelligence in such a community.

Each month, groups of members gather for a co-development workshop to address together a selected challenge experienced by one of the participants. 

At the end of the session, the challenge has been taken apart, clear actions can be undertaken and all participants have learned something that will serve them.

The co-development method

The co-development method has been created by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne. It is a structured approach to offer professionals an opportunity to stop and think, together, about a present and important challenge that needs addressing. 

What to expect from a 360 Clinic?

In a safe environment, participants assume the role of Client and the role of Consultant.

Here is how you will benefit best as a Client:

  • Come with a 5-minute presentation of your issue
  • Be prepared to answer clarifying questions
  • Enjoy all the specific support you can get
  • Be prepared to be challenged and supported

Here is how you will benefit best as a Consultant:

  • Come with a respectful and collaborative attitude
  • Be prepared to ask clarifying questions
  • Share, when available, relevant and specific insight
  • Be prepared to learn a lot from all interactions

The 360 Program is open to all members and their guests

Join NOW and become a true iPRO!


Make your life easier

Meet other professionals in our networking and community events and take part in many expert mindshares given by our members.


Improve your business

Work with business coaches in our 360 clinics and workshops; enroll in exclusive masterclasses on par with the best MBA.


Increase your earnings

Rely on our sales specialists to help you bring in clients; use the network to find better jobs; earn extra income with betoobe.

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