This network opens the door to a world of opportunities for Freelancers.

Do you want to grow as an Independent Professional or Freelancer? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Betoobe offers a unique concept! Thanks to our digital platform, you can access unlimited networks, online events
or find the necessary experts who can help you with everything you need to be successful.

We make it easy for you to build a high-quality network:

A network that you can put to work to get you in touch with potential new partners or customers.

A network where expertise and experiences are shared to support your business.

A network where needs, successes and also setbacks can be shared with each other.

Networking & Learning From Each Other

1. ‘Onboarding’ sessions

Get introduced to our platform. During these sessions you also start immediately to meet awesome people and you are directed to the most relevant events coming up in the calendar. These sessions are organised each month for new joiners and planned in the evening.

2. The Next Level betoobe Network events

A number of events are organised to get you to meet other members and be introduced to them. A unique experience in innovative formats that will let you grow a quality network without even feeling you’re networking. Several times a month, usually organised in the evening!

3. Mindshare

These are sessions where you share your expertise with others and that you can organize yourself as a member. Of course, you can book a seat to attend mindshares given by other members. They are usually free!

4. Experts

A number of experts in accounting, taxation, sales, marketing, law, etc… can help you with your questions or issues. Groups are available for members with similar interests (e.g. Trainers & Coaches) where professionals share information to help each other, grow together and develop business opportunities.

360 Business Workshops and Master Classes

1. 360 business workshops

In your membership you have access to 7 workshops that are given once a month by recognized experts. These workshops aim to refine your business plan. We organize: Value Proposition, Business Model, Business Operations, Commercial Plan, Your Why (Simon Sinek), Discover yourself (Robert Dilts) and Ask the Expert.

2. Master Classes

Each month is dedicated to a particular topic that has an essential influence on your overall success as an IPRO. Generally, 2 speakers, guests or members, will give you the necessary insights through two conferences. And it doesn’t stop there! In the follow-up weeks we ensure these new insights are put into practice through group coaching sessions.

Example of topics on the agenda:

Marketing: Marketing Plan, Visibility and Personal Branding. How do you leverage Social Media?

Effectiveness: How do you become more effective and efficient in what you do? (time management, tools, planning, priorities…)

Sales: Pricing your expertise! How do you determine your price? When can you work for free? How do you negotiate?

Grow your Business!

Ultimately, we all want to do more business at higher rates and have more direct customers. And we can’t do this alone.

That’s why we’ve created events where we work with a number of people active in the same industry but with different profiles. We do brainstorming sessions to define ‘offerings’ that can be presented and sold directly to customers as a team.

Currently, two of these initiatives have already started to produce results:

1. Digital as a Service (ICT)

2. The Trainers Collective (trainers and coaches)

“We promise that you will never feel alone again!”

Do you want to build a network like this?​

Join now for only 15€ per month!

As soon as your payment is made, you will receive a COMMUNITY access to our platform and you can immediately start networking, attend many events and receive exclusive business opportunities.

* all prices are excluding vat

About Us

The GIG Economy is growing rapidly! And yet, essential support to achieve success as a professional does not exist for freelancers or self-employed professionals.

We therefore used all our experience as business leaders to create such a support environment for Independent Professionals. An environment where we support one another, learn from each other and do business together.

The more we work together, the more ‘value’ we create, the more innovative we get and the more business we do!

Jean-Paul Delmeire & Peter Janssens

Join NOW and become a true iPRO!

“I had been struggling for months to start developing my business idea. betoobe gave me the tools and the support to get it on tracks!” Laurent

“I could not imagine that I could be part of a Mastermind group with great professionals! But I am, thanks to betoobe.” Danielle

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