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Smart Community
Business owners

The Next Level in Networking

Build relationships, generate more business, learn from your peers and enjoy.

Our members have access to our distraction-free private platform. A safe environment full of supportive and positive business owners just like you. A place to request feedback and ask questions that real experts will answer for you. Plenty of opportunities to share your experiences and your expertise with discerning business owners. It’s a buzz of engaging activity where lots of business gets done.

Build a Stronger Business

Get more sales, build a resilient business, increase your productivity and live your life.

Our members get all the tools they need to progress towards the next big phase or their next big goal. Expert trainers, coaches and mentors are available to support individuals and groups. A set of workshops and masterclasses are organised each month to define or refine the fundamentals of your business. All that in short virtual live sessions on demand with a very limited footprint on your life.

Generate More Revenue

Get referrals, join collective market propositions, generate residual income and build wealth.

Our members report increases in revenue within months of joining betoobe. Members learn to trust each other and routinely recommend members for unpublished, lucrative, business opportunities. Collectives form around disciplines to deliver high margin project-based services. There are additionally plenty of opportunities to sell services to members. And community animation gets compensated.


Essential Workshops - Co-Development Clinics - Business Master Classes
Dedicated to help Independent Professionals grow their business
While developing a unique network of supporting peers

What our members say

When I discovered betoobe, I decided to go all-in. I have a Business Membership that I use to the full. The 1:1 coaching and mentoring that is provided is helping me further develop my business and overcome the ongoing challenges of any business owner.

I am the community lead of the Learning & Development group and through the events I organise each month I generate a steady income that is bound to increase as the community grows. I was also able to embark several members of the community in collective projects giving me access to new clients.

The Member Success Team of betoobe helped me navigate, negotiate and manage a contract with a new corporate client that would have been out of reach to me without the advice and the skills of an experienced salesperson.

It’s been 6 months since I joined, and I can already trace more than 40.000€ of additional revenue directly to my betoobe membership. That’s what I call return on investment.
An de Boelpaep
Owner - X-Conscious
I had been spinning my wheels with a revolutionary business idea that I could not get off the ground. In only a few weeks after I joined betoobe, I was engaged in an exciting mastermind adventure, I had met the perfect sparring partner to make this project a reality, and it is now on a trajectory for an MVP in months.
Jean-François Degand
Owner - Added Synergies
I’ve never really had any issue finding assignments for my training and coaching practice. I joined betoobe to become part of a wider network of like-minded business owners in the learning and development space, to share our expertise, to discuss our challenges and pool our insights.

Today, through organic recommendations and referrals, the revenue generated through my betoobe network is already in the thousands of euros. Additionally, being an active member of the community, I generate each month an income from betoobe that more than covers the cost of my Business Membership.
Jenny Cornelis
Owner - Catusco
An expert network where I can find sounding boards, mentors, advisers and quite simply fellow entrepreneurs I can talk to in a safe environment.
Dirk Huyers
Owner - PM Studio
Betoobe balances good-nature fun with unparalleled professionalism. This is thanks to the personality of the founding members and to the unique approach used to run each activity.
Michel Remy
Owner - Prologrem
Being inspired by and inspiring others is difficult when you are alone steering a business, deep in running things. Betoobe is the environment where I can find many opportunities to do so.
Christine Wittoeck
Owner - Digital Detox Academy
Betoobe saved me months of trial and error. It's like having a business help line. At any moment, I can ask a business question and receive a professional, complete response.

My participation to the online events of the community is bringing each time something new and valuable: a new perspective, a good tip, or simply the realisation that I’m not alone and that we’re all facing the same problems.

Meeting members regularly pushes me to get better and quite simply to get stuff done. I am sometimes inspired by their stories; sometimes I receive recognition for my input; each time it’s a boost.

I’ve always known that I needed to grow my network but the available opportunities to do so were too often awkward and unpractical. With betoobe, I can jump in and out of the online events that are mainly organised outside of the business hours. I can choose what events I want to join. And these events have been designed to be online, efficient, and fun.
Anita Gomez Rivera
Owner - Infinito

We are betoobe

The founders

Jean-Paul and Peter have each accumulated decades of business experience in the corporate world, often as senior executives with some of the most successful organisations on the planet. When they decided to leave that world to build their own business together, they created WinIgnite, and became a million-euro company after only a year.

They are passionate about helping business owners thrive in a new world of work. They strongly believe that a world that becomes more and more digitized needs more human, not less; that emotional intelligence and collective intelligence will be prime assets to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence.

They bring their unique perspective to the business world as consultants, speakers, facilitators, trainers, and authors. They leverage, on the one hand, their training as educator and psychologist, and, on the other hand, their extensive business experience.

Betoobe is the product of their passion and experience in helping entrepreneurs thrive.

The team

Life at betoobe is only possible thanks to its members, first among them a small team of members dedicated to help the community through individualised support, events, and animation.

The community leads grow, organise and animate the professional communities- including the generation of business opportunities for all. The community champions welcome the new members and contribute to their orientation. The community ambassadors ensure each networking activity is more enjoyable and more useful than the last.

Here's everything included with your betoobe membership:

Each member is welcomed by a community champion in an onboarding call. They will help you find what you’re looking for and select the best way to benefit from the community. This is often the first opportunity to make introductions and recommend events.

  • Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on learning & connecting without the distractions of social media
  • International network of experienced business owners from diverse backgrounds and industries ready to professionally answer your questions
  • A stream of curated business opportunities to beat the market with insider access to unpublished consultations
  • Monthly networking events in an efficient online format to help you create and nurture profitable relationships with fellow business owners
  • Dozens of member-led events each month to share your expertise or to collect precious insight for your business
  • Monthly guest speaker presentations to enhance your business-owner toolset with best practices and practical recommendations
  • Annual program of unique workshops and masterclasses dedicated to the business owner and efficiently delivered online
  • Monthly clinics where member challenges are addressed in a co-development workshop about sales, marketing, consulting or any business, in a safe environment
  • Enrolment in a relevant iPro group to actively pursue business synergies through a mastermind, a long-term alliance or a temporary partnership 
  • Access to exclusive inner circle services and events to ensure you define your objectives adequately and reach them without fail 
  • Access to our member success team to support your needs in sales and business development, including selling and managing some of your contracts 
  • A share of betoobe income distributed to active members according to a motivating – and potentially very profitable – compensation plan

The community that is right for you


Make your life easier

Meet other professionals in our networking and community events and take part in many expert mindshares given by our members.


Improve your business

Work with business coaches in our 360 clinics and workshops; enroll in exclusive masterclasses on par with the best MBA.


Increase your earnings

Rely on our sales specialists to help you bring in clients; use the network to find better jobs; earn extra income with betoobe.

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