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120€/month or 1200€/year (excl. vat) Do business with betoobe and start to earn money with your referrals, events or jobs.



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Get more than 15,000 euro’s worth of community activities, business education, coaching and additional revenue

On top of all the existing member and community activities, you now have unlimited access to our betoobe 360 program ; a lot of it for FREE including 20 hours of coaching per year! and you even get 800€ in vouchers to attend the paid workshops and masterclasses! To know more about the level of business education and personalised coaching you can get, check out our betoobe 360 program page. BUT this subscription is all about business:

  1. for people who would love to help betoobe grow and earn some additional income in the process. Now you will receive fees to attract new members or to be one of our meeting facilitators or community leaders
  2. for people who love to coach others with their own expertise and receive money for this during paid ‘mindshares’. You are allowed to ask what you want and the audience can be unlimited. Here it is really up to you to make it happen! Betoobe will support you growing your mindshares to the highest quality.
  3. for people who love to develop customers and profitable opportunities, proposing expertise and services – beyond yours only – to companies. Here you will work closely with the sales team who will help you to grow your income!

And on top of that,  you become part of our regional leadership team and you will be trained to become a betoobe leader by the founders.


⚫ #NextLevel networking
⚫ Member Mindshares
⚫ Community Events
⚫ 360 Coaching
⚫ 360 Clinics
⚫ 360 Workshops
⚫ 360 Masterclasses
⚫ 360 Member Success
⚫ 360 Program Vouchers

⚫ Highly qualified jobs
⚫ Collective Support
⚫ Sales Support

⚫ Referral fees
⚫ Caring bonusses
⚫ Paid Events
⚫ Sharing Bonusses
⚫ Lead generation fees
⚫ Sales fees

⚫ Monthly Payments
⚫ Annual Payments
⚫ Upgrade possible
⚫ Downgrade possible

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