Our mission

We help Independent Professionals (aka freelancers) grow and develop a qualitative network effortlessly and in a natural way.

This network then opens the door to a world of opportunities for them and their business.

Our story

In 2016, betoobe Founders, Jean-Paul Delmeire and Peter Janssens developed a vision for companies to achieve better success by better connections with their collaborators and business partners. They created WinIgnite to help as many companies as possible to benefit from that vision.

In February 2019, they realized that a large number of people were excluded from their corporate programs while having a significant impact on the business : Independent Professionals. betoobe became the answer to provide the appropriate environment for them to increase their positive impact on the economy while achieving their life objectives.

In June 2019, the project was presented to a panel of independent professionals and the work immediately started on developing a digital ecosystem by and for independent professionals.

By October 2019, the digital platform started taking shape. To validate the requirements of all freelancers were met, Founding Members were enrolled to use the platform before everyone else and prepare its launch.

10 February 2020: THE digital platform for Independent Professionals is officially launched. Now the freelancers have a home where they can come to learn, train, ask questions…

Our core values
At the very foundation of our business, of everything we do, are 10 Core Values. They guide us as we make decisions. They foster trust between members. They remind us of the kind of organization we want to become.